Tips to Kick Your Tailgating up a Notch

Everyone loves a good tailgating party. Even those who are not excited about the big game can enjoy the excitement with friends and the amazing food. If you feel that your tailgating strategy has become a little boring, here are three simple tips that you can use to kick your tailgating up a notch.

Get Your Entertainment Nailed Down

While you obviously assume that you are all there to enjoy the big game, be sure that all aspects of your entertainment are nailed down before your friends arrive. Whether you are home or at the game, make sure that everyone will be able to see the game from a television, tablet or other streaming device. You may also want to include other entertainment for those who may be there more for their friends than for the game. Pack a football, a pack of cards or some dice.

Do Not Write off the Crockpot

As you begin to consider food choices, you may be all about the grill. However, do not overlook all that your crockpot can do for you. Crockpots can pre-cook your foods and keep them warm. They are perfect for pulled pork, chili and even warm dips.

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Add Some Spice to Your Foods

If your basic burger, wings or hot dogs are beginning to fall a bit flat, consider how you can take them up a notch. Choose a different marinade or sauce, or look at some spicier options. For example, spicy chicken sausage may be a real winner as may a jalapeno burger.

Whether you are tailgating at the stadium parking lot or are hosting a special party of your own in your garage, on your patio or in your family room, you can keep the menu exciting and the time more enjoyable than ever with these tips. Your guests will find the occasion to be memorable, and you will be sure to have a winning day even if your team does not score as you had hoped.


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