A cold raining winters day signifies soups. This pink lentil soups is packed with nut…

A cold raining winters day signifies soups. This pink lentil soups is packed with vitamins and can be served with hen breast to bump the protein material. #nourishment #sportsnutrition #nutritionist #healthier #overall health #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #diet program #eatclean #cleaneating #cleaneats #foodisfuel #instafit #instafood #style #instahealth #healthychoices #protein #healthyfats #recipe #recipes #cook #cooking #yummy #macros #followme #carpenutrimentum


Flickr College 1

Flickr University 1

Right before I inform you about this photograph and how it arrived to be, I just want to say 1 brief point (oh, who am I kidding…
it’s never ever brief, sorry about that…) . Anyway, my favored point about Flickr, apart from the evident hunting at everyone’s
wonderful photographs, is the sharing of strategies and info in between people today certain by the simple interest in pictures,
irrespective of whether they be in the same town, the same condition, throughout the nation or throughout the entire world. I really like the responses, the Flickr
mails and emails and I have sat in front of this computer system and experienced some of the best laughs and lose a lot more than a few tears.
I have come to the conclusion that something you want to understand can be discovered on Flickr and/or Pinterest. I’m astonished at what I have
discovered about pictures, sewing, quilting, cooking (nicely, possibly not so a great deal cooking…. but I have located my favored recipes
on Pinterest, but I still hate to cook dinner), travelling, and many others…and many others…and many others…. There is just so a great deal out there that I have never ever even heard of until finally released by Flickr friends (ie…Cindy Lou, Susan and I would have no
notion about Blackberry Winter if it weren’t for you and we still giggle about that! Who realized?!)
And I thank just about every and every 1 of you for that! : )

Now to this strange photo…. Lomography…never ever heard of it. I was despatched a url by 1 of my contacts (thanks Surreal-journey) about toy cameras.
I viewed the video clip. My acquire on the total point was that the toy cameras are really so stinking adorable (he was unimpressed with this observation of mine… but
geez… they come in hues like pink and teal blue. And they are minimal. Lovable, I’m telling you!) Anyway, I file this info in my memory banking companies and about a week afterwards,
I am in a thrift store and locate a minimal plastic digital camera. It is gold and black, weighs like… very little, appears to be like a toy….the gentle bulb goes off… It is a TOY Camera
(Alright, I’m lying…it wasn’t all that tricky to determine out. The lens cap mentioned “Lomography.com”) It was a fisheye digital camera. It expense $1. I determine if it is effective, it is effective… if it does not,
it will glance really adorable hanging on my Christmas tree (I did not inform him that possibly). A week previously I would not have experienced a clue what this digital camera was all about. I could still have acquired it
while (heck it was $1!!!) So, I come to a decision that I am heading to get some movie and shoot a roll just to see what it does. The following day I get up, and there is a roll of 35mm colour movie
on the kitchen area shelf following to my auto keys. I still truthfully simply cannot make clear where that movie arrived from. It was not in a box, I’n absolutely sure it was expired… experienced to be! I have not shot a roll of movie considering the fact that about 2005… ???
So, I snapped off the 24 exposures and this was about the best of them. I discovered a good deal about what NOT to do with this digital camera, but I still have to determine out what TO DO with it, despite the fact that I have a better notion now. Soon after hunting at the prints (yeah, prints… evidently I also can’t stick to directions and even while he advised me to get a CD, NOT prints, I forgot all about that and I now have prints and experienced to scan this 1
to publish it, creating it glance even worse than it really is. I’ll do better following time)…anyway, hunting at the prints, I have a a great deal better notion of what to check out following time…. for illustration, you have to shoot straight on,
you can’t shoot at an angle, because if you do, the lens displays up in your print, asymmetrically, and if you shoot too considerably absent from some thing, it really appears to be like very little. I fairly a great deal experienced no notion what the photographs had been heading to glance like because you glance as a result of a viewfinder and you really can see the lens in your watch. Unusual. I took 1 shot from the window of my auto and got the doorway of the auto and the driver side mirror in the photograph. I hadn’t predicted that at all. So, I will get an additional roll of movie and depart the digital camera helpful until finally I see some thing
that I imagine could operate with this type of pictures. A little something new and pleasurable, despite the fact that spending for prints really makes me recognize electronic that a great deal a lot more! I experienced overlooked about the “dropping off movie and waiting”
facet of pictures, but have determined that all in all…. even which is fairly great !

Oh, and here is a brief short article on Lomography…. www.1stwebdesigner.com/inspiration/what-is-lomography/ It is value using a glance at, and its probably shorter than this description I have just created.
Yey, Me! I discovered some thing new! Thank you Randy for the schooling! )

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CINNAMON is a person of my favourite things to insert in a recipe simply because it looks to mak…

CINNAMON is a person of my favourite things to insert in a recipe simply because it looks to make most things even a lot more delectable. That is why we have compiled a list of the Finest cinnamon RECIPES! 
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Cory Booker Foods Stamp Obstacle Working day Four

Cory Booker Food Stamp Challenge Day Four

There’s nothing at all exiting to report nowadays. I relished the Breakfast of Champions again (a hundred% complete grain wheat cereal with no sugar, salt or cholesterol but heaps of fiber soaked in 2% milk and the elixir of the gods and tormentor of nutritionists from coast to coast, 12 ounces of Coca-Cola with a jolt of caffeine robust ample to crank my motor in early morning). I had a cookie snack prior to I went for my workout at the Y – four miles functioning and 3¼ miles walking superior for 900 energy.

A though immediately after I obtained property I obtained hungry and created a cheese omelet with sausage on the aspect, adopted by a can of Kroger brand pineapple chunks which ended up pretty ripe and juicy. When again the retail outlet brand turns out to be as superior as the Dole pineapple I had been getting prior to, but expense me $one.00 fairly than $one.50. I’ll be switching to Kroger brand canned fruit in the upcoming. In point, all the Kroger retail outlet brand foodstuff I acquired has been great. So that is a lesson not only for the foodstuff stamp obstacle, but for all my upcoming grocery shopping.

It was another superior day of the obstacle for me, with a calorie depend of 2141 and a expense of $4.twenty as well as tax.

As much as nutrition goes, I busted my 1500 sodium target and was way way too reduced on the fiber again. It seems to be like my ideal guess is to abide by Coach Pam’s information and instead of sausage just get typical floor meat that has a lot significantly less sodium. The cookies are also a target for alternative since of significant sodium and sugar and lack of fiber. Pam’s recommendation of dried lentils or beans seems to be like it will go a lengthy way to up the fiber at reduced expense. There may be cookie options with some fiber like oatmeal cookies, and there’s no dilemma with introducing a bit far more clean or canned fruit instead of cookies. It is obvious I have far more than ample foodstuff to get by this week so I’m thinking of the obstacle of performing this for a next week, attempting to continue to be beneath $30 but conference or at minimum obtaining close to the dietary suggestions. The only dilemma is this is an eat-at-property workout and in some cases I will want to eat out….

But prior to you start off patting your self on the back again a little way too a lot 1 warning is in buy Coach Pam who called me a senior citizen: you’ll have to pry my early morning Coke out of my chilly, dead palms. Cookies I can do without having and sausage I can do without having but Coke for breakfast is sacred. From time to time I’m coachable and in some cases I’m far more like Kobe Bryant.

In any case, quite a few thanks for your comprehensive remarks and great information Pam. I’m mastering a great deal from this experiment.

And thanks also to my other flickr mates for their observations. I’ve obtained the ideal flickr mates.

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