one/fifty two


so, i have decied to do 365!
the pics will not be of me, mabye one or 2 only! I is not going to be able to upload every working day so i will upload at the close of each and every week!
we will see how this goes…

I have decied to swap my photo venture. 365 is really hard , because i do not always have food or friends to acquire pictures of, and i do not really like getting pics of myself! ….. I am switching to fifty two months and mabye following that i will try out 365 all over again!
Thanks for all the reviews 🙂

I have always wished to do 1 of these three image collages…
These are cookies and product cookies , they are sooooooo uncomplicated to make and sooooooooooooooooooooo Great! Below is the recipe!

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