Lumpia Semarang, Extraordinary spring roll fusion from Indonesia!

Indonesian culinary are rich of many variety of food and come from many origin then fusion into unique Indonesian food. One of the most delicious and also the best example of Indonesia chinese fusion food is Lumpia. However, since there are so many culinary culture in Indonesia, almost each area having different way to cook Lumpia. The most popular of all Lumpia version in Indonesia is Lumpia Semarang, derived from the capital city of Central java Province. Lumpia Semarang are unique on ingredients and how to cook them, this lumpia version are using bamboo shoot and cook them without nasty smell and make them so delicious. For you who wants to eat Lumpia Semarang, you can cook on your own Lumpia semarang by following this step by step guide. Read them properly and ensure that you follow each detail to get the best Lumpia Semarang.

In Lumpia Semarang, you should prepare the ingredients, sauce and cook them properly. Therefore, in this guide i will divide into three section, preparing ingredients, then mix the brown sauce and then cook the lumpia and serve them properly.

The first section is preparing ingredients. You will need to prepare ingredients for making Lumpia semarang. You will need to prepare 15 sheets of thin spring roll wrapper for size 215 mm xc 215 mm, you can buy on shopping mall near you. Then, you need 500 g shredded fresh bamboo shoot and 500 g peeled shrimp. Chop the peeled shrimp and make sure to add 2 tablespoon of ground dried shrimp or ebi. Dont forget to prepare 5 cloves garlic, mince them properly. Then 1 tablespoon indonesian sweet soy sauce or kecap manis. Then, prepare 3 tablespoon oil for stir frying.

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For the brown sauce, you will need 250 ml water, 6 cloves garlic and 85 g coconut sugar shreeded, ½ teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon of tapioca flour. For more kick, dont forget to add chillies, chop them smoothly. Mix them up properly and you will get brown sauce.

Then, you will need to cook bamboo shoot with water, dont forget to add 1 tablespoon of sugar when boil them to remove the nasty smell. Then, stir fry garlic, add shrimp, bamboo shoot, ground dried shrimp, kecap manis, and salt. Add chicken brooth and cook until water evaporates and drained completely.

After that, you will need to place 2-3 tablespoon fillin onthe wrapper and fold over until you get roll. Use brown sauce in the end of roll for gluing the spring rolling. Make sure that the roll are fully sealed and you can do the next roll. Repeat this step until all your ingredients are used up.

The next step is deep fried the lumpia roll until golden brown. Basically, you will need 2 minutes for each lumpia roll for medium heat. However, you can try to improvise and find the best color for your spring roll.

Now, drain oil and grease from the Lumpia and you can serve them immediatelly. Add the brown sauce as condiment and prepare garnish.


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