Four Ways To Bring Your Vacation Home

Everyone loves a vacation especially where travel is involved—the best trips offer a good balance of relaxation and activity, education and excitement. Ideally, you find ways to relive the best parts of the trip after you have returned home. Here are four ways to do just that.


Choose eateries with markets attached and bring home a few goodies. For example, if you are in the Boston area and want to try craft beer and wine andover ma, bring home a six-pack of your favorite brew or that bottle of wine that went so well with dinner. If you have delicious pancakes in Canada, relive part of your trip by buying a bottle of maple syrup.


In Chicago, take a video near an elevated train while a train is passing overhead; get cars honking in New York City. Instead of settling for the routine selfie with that cool family in your tour group take a quick video of them saying hello, especially if they have a charming regional accent. If you hear some great musicians or comics in a club on vacation, download more of their work to listen to later. It will turn your daily commute into a drive down memory lane.

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Museums are known for their fabulous gift shops, where you can often find reproductions of their most treasured pieces. If you loved seeing the Mona Lisa for ten minutes at the Louvre, you will surely love seeing a print of it every day at home. Think outside the box, too. Take pictures of iconic gondolas in Venice—but also turn your lens to the tiny doors for residents’ boat garages.


All travelers have been there: forgetting to pack warm clothes on a visit to Ireland necessitates the purchase of what is now a favorite sweater and a wardrobe staple. In a country known for alpaca wool, purchase a poncho; in a region renown for silk, get a scarf. Even kitschy souvenir shops can be treasure troves. So yes, as cliché as it may be, buy the T-shirt.


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