Fun Ways to Increase Morale at the Office

Your employees are your most valuable resource. It’s a proven fact that employees that are happier produce more and are likely to put in more effort. If you’re looking for fun ways to increase office morale, there are several ways to accomplish this. You may even find yourself enjoying them.

Get a Well-Stocked Break Room

The easiest place to implement immediate change is in your company’s break room. A well-stocked break room benefits everyone and is a great way to keep employees happy with coffee, snacks and vending machines. A good beverage service Pittsburgh PA will deliver, service and clean equipment you chose to add to the break room. You choose the coffee flavors you want, and you can even stage a voting so everyone gets a say.

Hold Regular Staff Meetings

Getting everyone together for regular staff meetings is an amazing way to keep morale up to par. To be successful, everyone needs to be on the same page. Meetings allow workers to air their concerns and get answers to questions. An atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to speak makes employees feel valued. 

Offer Perks and Incentives

Nothing makes for a positive office like added perks and incentives. They don’t need to be expensive. Occasional tickets to events, coupons or discounted memberships can make employees feel appreciated and takes very little effort.

Host a Workplace Outing

Consider implementing at least one optional outing per year. This might be a barbecue, a night at a game or even an amusement park. Take a poll to see what ideas people come up with. A fun day out has everyone returning to work feeling refreshed and ready to work hard.

Better for Business

The way you treat your employees has a direct effect on business. Morale should be a priority. A positive work place runs more smoothly, is more productive and makes it more enjoyable for employees and customers alike. 

3 Tips for Hosting a Successful Dinner Party

Sometimes dinner in is just better than dinner out. Time is endless, and you can sit and listen without the scampering of waiters or the background noise of other diners. In fact, the home provides a chance for relaxation, private conversation and home cooking. If you’re interested in hosting a dinner party for your friends, consider the following to help the night go smoothly.

Clean Early in the Day

Although your friends love you ( and probably your food ), they also want to feel comfortable with the surroundings and your kitchen. Ensure that by providing a tidy home. Pick up the main house before you fix the food and well before guest arrival. You don’t want to let dust and chemicals near the eating area. It can be unsettling to smell bleach while fine dining. Giving yourself hours ahead of time, allows the aroma to dissipate.

Neatness in the Kitchen

Next, pick up after yourself as you prepare the meal. The kitchen isn’t off limits, so you don’t want flour on the floor or smudges on the door. Have dishes scrubbed and counters washed. During those last minute preparations, don’t forget to use commercial aprons. Cloth aprons often gather bacteria and stain easily whereas the vinyl ones wipe clean.

Plan a Satisfying Meal in Courses

Don’t rush people. Start the evening out with a relaxing time in the living room. Serve one or two simple appetizers. Stick to finger food, and try not to go too heavy. Just enjoy some banter as you nibble. When guests are ready, head into the dining room and serve your next course. Soups and salad make for light (and healthy fare). The entree can certainly go heavier. Provide a protein, veggie and starch. Make sure you’ve asked ahead of time if anyone has food sensitivities or allergies, and plan accordingly. Cap this off with a sweet dessert. These can range from warm brownies to a decadent cake. 

By the end, bellies may be full. Hopefully, though, you’ve cherished the conversation and the delectable meal.

A Delicious Hog Roast at our Party in Market Harborough

Over the summer I hosted a 50th birthday party for my husband. The party was in my backyard at my home in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. We invited our close family and friends and the highlight of the party was the hog roast we had catered from The Roasting Pig.

Party Set-Up

The day started out with a bout of bad weather which had everyone worried that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the garden. Luckily it quickly changed course and the remainder of the day was cloudy but warm.

When the rain let up, we went outside to begin setting up the garden with tables and chairs which we covered in burlap table cloths. I set out candles and flowers on all the tables and hung string lights all around to create a lovely ambiance. We also prepared the fire pit with logs so we could start a fire after dinner.

The Hog

The Roasting Pig came about an hour before the party started to set up their serving space. They provided serving tables with linens as well as everything else needed for the meal. It was an extra cost for crockery and silverware but I felt that it was worth it to avoid the hassle of having to worry about it myself. I started to get excited when they began setting up the buffet with the roasted hog. I couldn’t wait for the guests to arrive so they could sample some of the delicious meat.

The Party Begins

Shortly after all the set up was complete, our guests began to arrive. We spent an hour or so having drinks and toasting the birthday boy. Then we dove right into the food. Everyone was so anxious to sample the roasted hog. The Roasting Pig served their roasted hog with fresh rolls, a sage and onion stuffing, and a sweet applesauce. It was heavenly. All the food was perfect and everyone raved about how moist and delicious the hog was. We ended the evening sitting around the fire pit, telling stories, eating cake and having champagne. All of my guests left pleasantly full and satisfied from the delicious meal of roasted hog and birthday cake. It was a wonderful evening to celebrate my husband’s birthday and it was an event and meal we are sure to never forget, From talking to Steve we found that company also offer Pizza Catering in Market Harborough, which we will strongly consider for another event in future.

My family is still talking about how wonderful the roasted hog was and we are considering doing it again next year when I turn 50!

Gourmet Gift Baskets Make Gift-giving Easy

When you need to give someone an elegant gift, you might have no idea of what to choose. You could easily spend hours walking through crowded stores and getting besieged by sales staff. Instead of having a frustrating day trying to find just the right gift, consider Colorado gift baskets for the recipient. Gift baskets offer fun new products for the recipient to try. They come already put together, and all you need to do is stick a bow on it or put it into a gift bag with some tissue paper on top as a decoration.

Types and Themes of Gift Baskets

There is a gift basket for every person on your shopping list. Perhaps you need to buy an anniversary gift. Consider a gift basket with a gourmet cheese and crackers theme or an elegant option themed around wine. If you need a generous holiday gift for an adult sibling, parent, in-law or employee on your gift list, consider one themed around fruit preserves, chocolate or soup mixes. There are also gift baskets themed around special interests. A Colorado gift basket offers treats and goodies made in the state. You could also select a basket for people who enjoy the outdoors. These include snacks such as trail mix and beef jerky.

Why Gift Boxes Are the Right Choice

When you are pressed for time, choosing a lovely gift basket makes it look like you spent a lot of time shopping for the present. These gifts packed into a thoughtful container such as a vase, reusable rectangular basket, a woven basket or an oversized ceramic mug that the recipient can use again and retain the memory of your thoughtfulness. The gift baskets include items that a person might not have thought of to buy for themselves, and you get the opportunity to help them explore some new tasty treats or snacks. These baskets include enough items for a whole family to share. The next time you need to give a gift, gift baskets offer the simplicity and elegance that you deserve.

Easy Ways To Expand Your Retail Business

Running a retail business takes a lot of work, but there can be great financial rewards if you stick with it. As your business gets more popular, you might want to consider a small expansion plan that would put your business in places people might not normally see it. The brick and mortar store is still very much alive. It just takes some creativity to make it successful.

Get Into The Mall

Most small retail businesses avoid renting mall space because it can be expensive, but what about renting part of the hallway? Mall kiosks are great ways to add another location to your business without adding a lot of overhead. The best part about a kiosk is that you can move it to another part of the mall if you find a spot that gets more foot traffic.

Try The Swap Meets

The local swap meet (also known as a flea market) rents out booths on the weekends to any business that wants one. You should rent one for a few Saturdays at a swap meet that is many miles from your retail store and see if you can attract a new crowd of customers. You can even set up at a swap meet the next town over to see if it might be worth expanding your business into that town.

Community Events

Most communities have events where vendors set up and sell products either for charity or for profit. These types of events usually draw a lot of local people, and many of those people might be unfamiliar with your business. You should try renting a spot at some community events and see what kind of response you get.

There are many retail business owners who are simply not interested in taking their business online. For those business owners, there are plenty of ways to temporarily expand their businesses to reach out to new customers and test out new markets.

Tips for Easy Entertaining

It’s true that the busiest people tend to get the most accomplished. If you genuinely enjoy entertaining friends and family but are scrambling at the last minute, follow these recommendations from the professional party planner to ensure that your event is a simple and stress free as possible.

One of the easiest ways to entertain a crowd is with a buffet. This can be as simple as serving prepared dishes from the kitchen counter and as elaborate as setting up a buffet table for a large group. Either way, commit to keeping it as simple as possible. Make a list of items to be accomplished and prepared several days prior to the event. This will reduce a tremendous amount of stress on the day of the event. Select menu items that can be prepared as far in advance as possible. Consider making items the weekend prior to the event and simply freezing them.  Another option is to take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and order from the huge dessert selection available at Harry and David. Everyone loves fresh fruit and this will be one less item from your menu to prepare.

Finally, select fresh flower or blooming shrubbery sprigs from your garden for the buffet table to give it a more festive look.  Set up a bar or drink area so guests can help themselves throughout the evening. To keep communications with your guests simple, send out an eVite with detail about the event.  If your guests offer to bring a dish to share, by all means take them up on it. On the day of the event, plan to have at least an hour to yourself to relax and prepare yourself for the event. You certainly don’t want to greet your guests completely exhausted.  Follow these suggestions and your event will not only be as stress free as possible, but you’ll actually be able to relax and enjoy your time with friends and family.