Tips to Kick Your Tailgating up a Notch

Everyone loves a good tailgating party. Even those who are not excited about the big game can enjoy the excitement with friends and the amazing food. If you feel that your tailgating strategy has become a little boring, here are three simple tips that you can use to kick your tailgating up a notch.

Get Your Entertainment Nailed Down

While you obviously assume that you are all there to enjoy the big game, be sure that all aspects of your entertainment are nailed down before your friends arrive. Whether you are home or at the game, make sure that everyone will be able to see the game from a television, tablet or other streaming device. You may also want to include other entertainment for those who may be there more for their friends than for the game. Pack a football, a pack of cards or some dice.

Do Not Write off the Crockpot

As you begin to consider food choices, you may be all about the grill. However, do not overlook all that your crockpot can do for you. Crockpots can pre-cook your foods and keep them warm. They are perfect for pulled pork, chili and even warm dips.

Add Some Spice to Your Foods

If your basic burger, wings or hot dogs are beginning to fall a bit flat, consider how you can take them up a notch. Choose a different marinade or sauce, or look at some spicier options. For example, spicy chicken sausage may be a real winner as may a jalapeno burger.

Whether you are tailgating at the stadium parking lot or are hosting a special party of your own in your garage, on your patio or in your family room, you can keep the menu exciting and the time more enjoyable than ever with these tips. Your guests will find the occasion to be memorable, and you will be sure to have a winning day even if your team does not score as you had hoped.

Implement and Manage Hygiene Controls with HACCP Plans

Food safety management systems in the UK and the EU must be Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) based. Employing an HACCP plan tailored to your specific business needs makes monitoring of food hygiene levels, pest control, accident records, health and safety planning and implementation effective and time efficient.



Every member of the team, from part time trainee to full time supervisor, cleaning staff to waiting teams to chefs, new starters and long-term employees, has a responsibility to monitor potential risks and alert management immediately.

If there is a hole in the wall this must be investigated. Is this a structural issue? Have you got mice, rats or woodworm? Are there other holes? Are there droppings, feathers, hair or ripped packaging, gnawed wires?

There is mould in the fridge. How did it get there? When was the fridge last cleaned? What was used to clean it? How can this problem be resolved now, and prevention of future issues focused on?

A HACCP plan is the go-to preventative tool

The adoption of HACCP can mean filling knowledge gaps. Food hygiene training, HACCP plan guidance and health and safety planning courses are an investment, but training can be viewed as insurance against a food hygiene incident and it provides clarity for your team. You may not welcome the expense, but training is always less costly than being sued, fined or closed after an incident.

By using the seven principles of HACCP and ensuring team compliance by following an HACCP plan, many businesses have benefitted from their Food Hygiene Ratings Scores and health and safety records improvement. When staff operate within HACCP’s guidelines there is less scope for risks to remain unaddressed, reoccur or for rogue practices to creep in. Peace of mind needn’t be a distant dream.

Level 2 HACCP food safety training: All staff.

  • Components of HACCP food safety management systems.
  • Risk awareness.
  • HACCP’s purpose and benefits.
  • How to use HACCP.
  • The seven principles.
  • Establishing HACCP food safety management systems.
  • Identifying HACCP procedures.
  • Hazard recognition.
  • Critical control points.
  • Corrective actions.
  • Food hygiene – assessing critical control areas.
  • Contamination and sources.
  • Controls to prevent contamination.
  • How to reduce/eliminate risks using HACCP.
  • How HACCP reduces risks.
  • Workplace safety.
  • Staff competency.


Level 3 HACCP training course: Owners, management and supervisors.

  • Is tailored to the business.
  • Understand the legal requirements for businesses to initiate a food safety management system.
  • How to implement and monitor the controls needed to ensure food safety.
  • How these should be monitored.
  • Comprehend the value of the seven basic principles of HACCP.
  • How these principles can be utilised in a food safety management system.
  • Understand how food safety management tools assist with the implementation of HACCP plans.

Food Alert’s How to Personalise Special HACCP’s 3-hour course comprises:

  • When to conduct Special HACCP’s.
  • Features of Special HACCP’s.
  • How to customise HACCP to meet your needs.
  • How to identify hazards and implement controls.
  • Be confident in completing a special HACCP form.

An HACCP plan safeguards you, your team, business and consumers. Please speak to Food Alert’s capable team today.


Healthful Recipes Can Taste Great As well

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Turkey Brine And Cooking Recommendations! Our Father’s Farm & The Fuhrmann Loved ones

Taking a golden browned whole chicken out of the BBQ at mealtime often appears to impress people much more than taking that similar chicken out of an oven for dinner would – while really, there is no cause why it need to, as cooking a chicken in your BBQ is no more difficult! I created some pulled pork final week with an idea I read about and it turned out fantastic. I have not carried out a great deal with pork tenderloin, but I like pulled pork made from other cuts. HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may well earn income on this page primarily based on affiliate relationships and ads with partners which includes Amazon, Google, and others. I usually spray a small Pam in the pan just before tends to make clean up a lot easier.

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Healthy Recipes For Kids Torrent Free Download

Quit using full-fat milk and complete-fat dairly solutions and select low-fat or fat-totally free versions – taste-wise you truly won’t notice a great deal of a distinction. You can improve the richness quotient of the beef by adding dairy merchandise such as cheese, milk and sour cream. Not all beef cuts are healthier, but you need to have to be cautious about selecting the suitable kind of cut. Regardless of whether you are searching for a restaurant in Kissimmee, fl, which Presents a wide assortment of beef created meal or can fed out your appetite with sophisticated dishes.