3 Tips for Hosting a Successful Dinner Party

Sometimes dinner in is just better than dinner out. Time is endless, and you can sit and listen without the scampering of waiters or the background noise of other diners. In fact, the home provides a chance for relaxation, private conversation and home cooking. If you’re interested in hosting a dinner party for your friends, consider the following to help the night go smoothly.

Clean Early in the Day

Although your friends love you ( and probably your food ), they also want to feel comfortable with the surroundings and your kitchen. Ensure that by providing a tidy home. Pick up the main house before you fix the food and well before guest arrival. You don’t want to let dust and chemicals near the eating area. It can be unsettling to smell bleach while fine dining. Giving yourself hours ahead of time, allows the aroma to dissipate.

Neatness in the Kitchen

Next, pick up after yourself as you prepare the meal. The kitchen isn’t off limits, so you don’t want flour on the floor or smudges on the door. Have dishes scrubbed and counters washed. During those last minute preparations, don’t forget to use commercial aprons. Cloth aprons often gather bacteria and stain easily whereas the vinyl ones wipe clean.

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Plan a Satisfying Meal in Courses

Don’t rush people. Start the evening out with a relaxing time in the living room. Serve one or two simple appetizers. Stick to finger food, and try not to go too heavy. Just enjoy some banter as you nibble. When guests are ready, head into the dining room and serve your next course. Soups and salad make for light (and healthy fare). The entree can certainly go heavier. Provide a protein, veggie and starch. Make sure you’ve asked ahead of time if anyone has food sensitivities or allergies, and plan accordingly. Cap this off with a sweet dessert. These can range from warm brownies to a decadent cake. 

By the end, bellies may be full. Hopefully, though, you’ve cherished the conversation and the delectable meal.


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